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What does a Senior Internal Auditor do?

Job summary of a Senior Internal Auditor consists of under supervision of the Chief Internal Auditor supervises the designing, planning and implementation of all internal audits (except Systems/EDP audits); and participates in the conduct of and reporting on such audits to the extent necessary to ensure reliability of findings and recommendations.

A Senior Internal Auditor characteristics duties and responsibilities are:

  • Supervises four or more internal auditors; overseeing, monitoring and appraising their performances.

  • Participates in overall audit planning; and in the day to day priority ordering of audits.

  • Serves as the principal Office of Internal Auditing liaison with auditees; conducting initial, intermediate and audit exit interviews with auditees.

  • Guides each internal auditor in the establishment of each audit/project assignments plan; and approves each such plan to critically review and report upon:

    • Financial records and reports and related fiscal matters to appraise integrity, and compliance with pertinent statutes and regulations.

    • Operations policies and practices to appraise effectiveness and compliance with statutes, regulations, standard procedures and sound business practice.

    • Performance to appraise achievement of both tangible and intangible objectives.

    • In consultation with Chief Internal Auditor, reviews audit findings, recommendations and approves final audit report for forwarding by the Chief Internal Auditor's letter of transmittal.

    • Maintains fluency with all aspects of the (non Systems/EDP) audits so as to effectively assess reliability and respond to inquiries regarding such audits.

    • Maintain close coordination with the Chief Internal Auditor, advising and recommending with respect to any personnel and other problems. (All matters involving higher than Dean or Director organizational level is the responsibility of the Chief Internal Auditor)

The Minimum Qualifications are:

  • Working, hands-on, knowledge of methods, theories and principles of financial, operational and performance auditing

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting or related field, and 5 years of professional auditing experience.

  • Certified Public Accountant or Certified Internal Auditor and 2 years professional auditing experience

  • Demonstrated ability to establish and supervise audit plans and reports.

  • Supervisory ability

  • Strong oral and written communication skills

Other Qualifications and Skills Required:

  • Hands-on experience in middle and/or top management

  • Advanced degrees in Management, Professional Accounting, and/or Public Administration








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