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What does a Risk Analyst do?

A Risk Analyst identifies and analyzes areas of potential risk which threaten the assets, earning capacity, or success of an organization, whether it be in the industrial, commercial or public sector. There is a high degree of specialization within the profession, and risk analysts/managers work in sales, origination, trading, marketing and private banking, specializing in:

  • Credit

  • Market

  • Operational

  • Product Risk

Financial institutions are required to manage market and credit risks on a daily basis. The risk analyst's role is to formalize the process of risk management within an organization. This involves business decision making and enabling the process of risk taking. Key elements of the job are

  • Managing Resources Wisely

  • Evaluating Sources of Action

  • Protecting the Organizations Assets

  • Public Image.

Typical work activities very much depend on the nature of the business of the employer, but can include:

  • Visiting sites to assess risks

  • Conducting research to assess severity of risk

  • Conducting statistical analysis to evaluate risk

  • Making recommendations to reduce/control risk, which may involve an insurance strategy, and which will protect against residual risk

  • Reviewing legal documents; presenting ideas via reports and presentations, outlining findings and making recommendations for improvements

  • Purchasing insurance

  • Analyzing a bank's market position and running figures through complex modeling techniques to find 'Value At Risk' (VAR) measurements

  • Carrying out quantitative analysis; using financial packages and software including portfolio management software

  • Studying government legislation, which may affect a company, and advising on compliance

  • Developing contingency plans to deal with emergencies

  • Publishing and updating company documents as to what to do in the event of an emergency.

Risk analysts are also sometimes referred to as risk managers.








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