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What does an Asset Manager do?

Asset managers manage money—other people's money, and gobs of it. Generally, they convert that money into assets—stocks, bonds, derivatives, and other types of investments—and try to make that money make more money as fast as possible. Mutual funds, for instance, hire asset managers; so do corporations with lots of money sitting around, banks, and high-net-worth individuals.

Asset managers have one simple goal: to invest other people's money wisely and profitably. Asset managers use a combination of investment theory, quantitative tools, market experience, research, and plain dumb luck to pick investments for their portfolios, ranging from high-risk stocks to commercial real estate to cash accounts.

Asset Manager is a single premium investment-linked plan, which provides you the facility to invest in our company broad range of funds. It is an investment-linked plan, which may suit you if you are looking for: a single premium investment-linked policy, flexibility of topping up additional investment deposits into the plan, greater investment opportunities than are normally available to individuals investing directly, diversification which allows you to spread your investment risks, professional management by investment specialists with a proven track record, flexibility in converting your investment to cash at any time.

The benefit of diversification, professional management, liquidity and flexibility, Asset Manager offers you the convenience of life insurance coverage packaged with your investment. Not only does it help you to maximize your wealth, it can also provide cover for death and terminal illness at 125% of your start-up investment amount and all top-up amounts.

Asset managers also has flexibility in: choice of investment funds to link, switching facility to your investments between investment funds, professional fund management, partial withdrawal and full surrender options are available, proceeds are tax free.








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